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If travellers can buy insurance cover using a mobile phone or tablet, why can’t they use the same channels when they put their policy

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  • MDG Health Screenings digital business update ‘The Hub’ - July 2017

    MDG and Capita have been at the forefront of medical screening and data services for the insurance and financial services sector for many years, and have invested heavily in technology and clinical networks to achieve a comprehensive capability to provide screenings and gather medical data across the UK, efficiently and securely.

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    Date: 25.07.17
  • MDG Health Screenings digital business update ‘The Hub’ - May 2017

    As many of our partners will know over the last 12 months MDG have been exploring ways to improve not only our technical service and IT platforms, but also the range of medical screening tests and assessments that we can provide.

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    Date: 09.05.17
  • MDG Health Screenings digital business update ‘The Hub’ - April 2017

    MDGs work with insurers is now firmly focused on the customer experience, not only the medical, clinical and physio contact we provide, but the digital contacts and interaction through the application and underwriting path. As with all other service industries development has shifted from what people buy, to how, and why, and the models of consumer interaction and product service use they are demanding.

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    Date: 27.03.17
  • The 'Hub' December update

    As we bring 2016 to a close, wishing all our customers, partners and colleagues the compliments of the season and safe and happy holidays, our attention at MDG has been focused on our New Year initiatives with stakeholders on broadening using of our messaging, social media, and digital channels, to keep their customers engaged, informed, and supported as we return in January.

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    Date: 21.12.16
  • MDG launches new business update ‘The Hub’

    Welcome to MDG’s launch of its new business update ‘The Hub’, which will allow us to share with you our plans, products and partnerships being brought on stream to support our clients in the insurance services, medical screening and physiotherapy assessment markets.

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    Date: 29.11.16