MDG Health Screenings digital business update ‘The Hub’ - April 2017

27 March 2017

CUSTOMER 4.0 The end to end digital Journey

MDGs work with insurers is now firmly focused on the customer experience, not only the medical, clinical and physio contact we provide, but the digital contacts and interaction through the application and underwriting path. As with all other service industries development has shifted from what people buy, to how, and why, and the models of consumer interaction and product service use they are demanding.

At the start of this year MDG switched on its customer update SMS messaging service, in our `Welcome SMS' we are advising customers of their screening bookings, appointment updates and reminders. Tailoring this service element for each MDG partner and your customers will continue as we get feedback on how this service is supporting and informing clients through their screening stage. Please help us gather mobile contact details where they are available to utilise this service.

Using our significant deployment of IT technology to our nurses has not only brought evidence gathering and return directly to the client in the most secure and efficient method, but is also the landing point to which we can now connect new services for ECG data collection, through to cognitive testing. We are trialling app and ipad enabled equipment that will allow a broader range of results to be gathered at client visits, alongside health report dashboards we can push out to client devices from laboratory results. The medical screening will move from a necessary application stage to a client `value add' health check. We are also now working with one of our international partners on the use of Skype technology and voice and video data recording to provide interviews, remote assessments and ergonomics and physio sessions for the too hard to reach employees and applicants.

Managing the medical network

Our team changes through 2017 have brought further resource to managing our medical and clinical networks and we already seeing the benefits of this in our operational service SLAs. With the strongest IT platform in the screenings arena, our aim is to provide the consistency in service excellence that moves `good' to `great'.

From PDF to DDF

We have tested and  initiated a shift from PDF format screening reports to XML Digital Data Feeds, pushing client data back directly into Insurer systems and underwriting rules engines where they can receive them. Our continuous enhancement programme is challenging all steps and stages of the screening and health process to identify areas where digital approaches provide  efficiencies and further data protection. We will discuss with all our partners the opportunities this provides, and the downstream application, policy and claims management services we can support.

Preparing for the GDPR changes

As part of Capita Insurance & Benefits Services (CIBS) we recognise the significant changes the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will bring about and the timescales involved in meeting its requirements. We appreciate that you will need to be confident that as a Data Processor for your organisation we are conversant with the requirements of the Regulation, including the specific legal obligations placed on CIBS businesses as Data Processors. We have established steering and working groups at Group and Divisional levels to review and assess any changes required, and once we have completed our initial analysis we will then engage with each of our clients on an individual basis. 

Speaking a common language

As part of the Capita group we are able to draw on extensive language and translation services with clients who are considering how best to assist the growing communities of multi-lingual customers. Whether its developing specific language forms, or adding additional text to aid clients, through to supporting direct to client discussion, MDG can now provide assistance in shaping customer focused application processes.
We look forward to continuing to work with you and your teams on developing the services and customer experience improvements through the year.

Kevin Pritchard


Managing Director
Medicals Direct Group (MDG)



LUCID 2017 - Future Views, Disability and Lifestyle. 

MDG is delighted to again be playing a key role supporting Lucid 2017 as one of the founding partner sponsors. Follow the link to start planning your areas of the programme to attend.

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Digital Services - Real time data driving service delivery and design
MDGs roadmap of screening services development is following the course of Capita's `Create Tomorrow' Digital and data services innovation.
With a growing network of clinical, medical, physio and rehabilitation services extending across corporate clients and partners the investment in MDG IT platforms for modern service delivery, is creating new opportunities to

Read more on the emerging use of Big Data in delivering, predicting and designing services for customer needs.

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