MDG Health Screenings digital business update ‘The Hub’ - July 2017

25 July 2017

The future of GP reports - the next step in the customer digital journey

MDG and Capita have been at the forefront of medical screening and data services for the insurance and financial services sector for many years, and have invested heavily in technology and clinical networks to achieve a comprehensive capability to provide screenings and gather medical data across the UK, efficiently and securely.


The insurance world has started to explore the models and methods of accessing GP patient records to support client applications. The desire to provide faster decisions to customers on their applications, and to ensure that the most appropriate policies and products are delivered is set against the challenges of reaching out to and working with busy practices. There are significant lessons in the early steps taken to move the traditional request models to an electronic one.


MDG have assessed the market demands as part of our digital medicals approach and are now working with leaders in primary care data extraction and clinical audit services across the entire spectrum of GP practices, healthcare providers and healthcare settings to integrate a design model with our current best in class portals and platforms. With essential support and guidance from our insurer and re-insurer partners we have discussed operating needs, functionality and our technical team is making headway in the design of our `eGPR' service product - a best in class integration of MDGs request and record packaging portals with extraction and presenting GP reports and records technology.


As we move towards testing our designs, we look forward to updating you on progress.


MDG Health Improvement Product


We are delighted to announce that the LiveSmart product is now being adopted by corporate clients across the UK to utilise in company occupational health schemes, along with its use in augmenting insurance products and services. This is an exciting development and we believe closes the loop for the customer in applying for insurance and financial products, undertaking supporting screening and medicals, and being able to see and use their results as part of the insurance process wrap-around of customer support, and forms a key part of our screening service re-fresh in 2017.


We look forward to demonstrating the service live at our LUCID workshops.


Customer Journey leads into sales - Capita Digital Services


Capita is pleased to announce that they have acquired Octal Business Solutions (including subsidiaries Optilead Ltd, Leadcall Ltd and Optilead Inc).


Octal Business Solutions is a technology and analytics business specialising in tracking customer digital journeys and triggering outbound voice, SMS, webchat, video or email contact to improve the customer experience and increase sales, acting in real time to recover abandoned applications, or on-line carts.


Octal's real-time technology and automated marketing tools are already successfully used by a wide range of well-known clients, across a wide range of service and sales sectors plus many of our existing clients such as British Gas, Npower, Plusnet and major insurers to recover quotes, travel bookings, financial applications, telecom contracts, as well as abandoned carts to significantly improve online and offline revenue generation.


This acquisition further strengthens Capita's multi-channel offering to clients enabling us to further integrate online interactions with other channels, notably voice, video, social and SMS, and allows MDG to offer to our insurance partners further customer retention and conversion through the application and screening processes.


This expands our existing voice and webchat products for customers and enhances outbound sales and retention activity support.


This new capability supports improved collections rates in Retail Banking or assisted claims management in Insurance & Benefits. More broadly, it will also provide the opportunity to assist in any customer web-based journeys within Capita and across our group companies.


This is also great news for Octal's clients as we can provide dedicated contact centre resource to react to the number of real time call opportunities that are available.

Octal's products and development team combined with those across Capita's insurance businesses and the innovation in MDG digitized secure medical screening scale, infrastructure and capability has created a true differentiator in the digital marketplace and supports our shared ambition "to enable our private sector clients to be successful in navigating the increasingly digital world". Our role is to help clients exploit the digital challenges ahead. Please contact us for more information.

Kevin Pritchard


Managing Director
Medicals Direct Group (MDG)



LUCID 2017 - Future Views, Disability and Lifestyle. 

MDG is delighted to again be playing a key role supporting Lucid 2017 as one of the founding partner sponsors. Follow the link to start planning your areas of the programme to attend.

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Digital Services - Real time data driving service delivery and design
MDGs roadmap of screening services development is following the course of Capita's `Create Tomorrow' Digital and data services innovation.
With a growing network of clinical, medical, physio and rehabilitation services extending across corporate clients and partners the investment in MDG IT platforms for modern service delivery, is creating new opportunities.

To read more on the emerging use of Big Data in delivering, predicting and designing services for customer needs.

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