MDG Health Screenings digital business update ‘The Hub’ - May 2017

9 May 2017

LiveSmart - supporting MDG customers with data driven health and wellness improvement plans.

As many of our partners will know over the last 12 months MDG have been exploring ways to improve not only our technical service and IT platforms, but also the range of medical screening tests and assessments that we can provide.

In our work exploring customer journeys, and the rapidly changing  world of personalised mobile customer service models, we have piloted and tested a range of health related technologies and applications that we believe will add further value to the screening process, but critically also to the product and service portfolio of our partners.

We are delighted to announce that MDG have launched a new personalised digital health report and consultation service to augment our screening reports for insurers, directly to their prospective and existing customers.

In a partnership developed over the last 6 months MDG and Livesmart will offer a `direct to customer' secure digital health dashboard with a personal health consultation to guide users through their results, focusing on areas for health improvement, awareness and on-going monitoring by customers able to link to personal smart devices or wearables.

This is an exciting development and we believe closes the loop for the customer in applying for insurance and financial products, undertaking supporting screening and medicals, and being able to see and use their results as part of the insurance process wrap around of customer support, and form a key part of our screening service re-fresh in 2017.

We look forward to further announcements.

Cyber Essentials - Leading the way

As part of our commitment to data management and digital services MDG has undertaken external audit and certification of its IT re-build and re-set, and are pleased to announce that we have formally gained the `cyber-essentials' certification. Required by many of our public sector screening contracts, and  part of the growing challenges for data security credentials across all commercial sectors, we are again leading the charge in the screenings markets for innovation and leadership in data services.

Kevin Pritchard


Managing Director
Medicals Direct Group (MDG)



LUCID 2017 - Future Views, Disability and Lifestyle. 

MDG is delighted to again be playing a key role supporting Lucid 2017 as one of the founding partner sponsors. Follow the link to start planning your areas of the programme to attend.

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Digital Services - Real time data driving service delivery and design
MDGs roadmap of screening services development is following the course of Capita's `Create Tomorrow' Digital and data services innovation.
With a growing network of clinical, medical, physio and rehabilitation services extending across corporate clients and partners the investment in MDG IT platforms for modern service delivery, is creating new opportunities.

To read more on the emerging use of Big Data in delivering, predicting and designing services for customer needs.

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