The 'Hub' December update

21 December 2016

As we bring 2016 to a close, wishing all our customers, partners and colleagues the compliments of the season and safe and happy holidays, our attention at MDG has been focused on our New Year initiatives with stakeholders on broadening using of our messaging, social media, and digital channels, to keep their customers engaged, informed, and supported as we return in January.

Customer Confirmations


In our development workshops with partners we have shared expectations of how we all intend to make greater use of our customers' connectivity, from our same day confirmations of screening requests, through to helpful appointment reminder prompts, and screening results updates. MDG is expanding its reach and personalisation of the customer journey, with exciting possibilities of geo-fence technology on the near horizon.


Beyond this the world of health screening and monitoring has been a continual theme, and with our smart technology now capable of linking to  new mobile health applications and enhanced condition tests with wearable and smart devices, the `Medicals Direct' part of our family name has never been more apt!. `On-line, all the time' is our guiding vision along with the one touch customer journey. The on-line booking stage of appointments will be expanded to bring the screening phase into the customers' control.


Data Security - Our commitment into 2017


Whilst excited about the technology already in place, and the developments now coming on stream, we acknowledge the ever increasing scrutiny on data protection across all sectors. This is also critical as we work with our clients on the data mining potential of our re-configured databases.

MDGs 2016 upgrade programme ensured that significant testing of design and resilience was made on all our networks, practises, protocols and InfoSec arrangements, in conjunction with our Capita Group teams and advisers, and we will continue to keep this as a centre piece of our approach, personalised care, and corporate standard data management.


Our declared model of data services and information architecture design means that Medical Screenings and their data can be delivered, safely and securely across multiple channels and formats, meeting the increasing demands for continuous unbroken data management between systems.


Our data transmission and capture processes ensure our health screenings and interviews, whether conducted at client's homes and workplaces, telephone, Skype or on-line, are conducted securely and transmitted without delay, handover, transportation, remote scanning, home faxing or the uncertainty of mail networks. Removing all elements of non-secure transacting from employees, sub-contractor or other parties, we have moved close to our target of 100% of all of our activities onto platforms where every interaction, or access to data is visible, tracked and managed, and with a number of clients have jointly signed up to `No paper' processes in nurse screenings.


We've raised the bar in 2016, and will push it higher next year.



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